Sunday, July 6, 2008

FFF (Favorite Foto Friday) "Our Red, White and Blue"!

Hello All,

Even though it rained hard on and off all day we were able to get our family picnic going and did lots of swimming. Jonathan loved watching the fire works but unfortunately had to watch from our garage. Our city and the surrounding city's canceled their shows due to the rain. Luckily I bought loads of fire works for the kids to do. ...and yes....those are birthday presents in the back ground. We or I should say "I" celebrated Johnathan's 18 months birthday. His actual birthday is so close to Christmas that Grandma feels he gets a little I want to make sure I celebrate it on his 1/2 "date" birthday too. It seemed I was so busy with Christmas and so very tired that I did not enjoy his real birthday. I'm assuming this will be every year. I think I can get away with it because I'm Grandma! :)

Good Morning 4th of July!

smiley Jordan...

only happy to sit for the picture if I give him my phone!

If you notice closely you can see that our baby boy has his finger bandaged. Mom was in the kitchen and out came Jonathan with her razor in his hand that he grabbed from the bathroom. Mom says she usually is so good about making sure things are up and our of reach..but unfortunately this time she forgot. He seemed to be out of sorts with his finger all covered up. He went around showing me by holding it up. Soooooooo very sweet he is! Have a good week and I am looking forward to seeing everybody in red, white and blue!

Love and Hugs......


Anonymous said...

Happy 4th of July!!! We surely did have a great day!! Even though my poor Pumpkin Noodle was out of sorts due to his finger injury, he still had lots of fun!!! Mommy loves you Jonathan!!! x0x0

Leslie said...

ahhh what a doll!!! He has the prettiest blue eyes!!! Love the pics!!!

Sarah said...

OK Amy... what happened to BABY Jonathan? He has surely grown up way too quickly! I love his little haircut though... and I hope his little finger heals up quickly!

Jordan sure is a handsome boy!! Love his big smile!

Glad you had a Happy Fourth and celebrating the big 1/2 birthday with baby J!

Carrie said...


I am so glad you revealed who you are! When Muriel left the list she did not leave blog sites and I did not know you, so I couldn't thank you. I left a thank you on Muriel's blog comment, but I don't know if you read it.

Your grandson's are so handsome (big and little).

I love all the stuff you sent and I use the ponytail holders all the time now that it is hot and I am trying to get her hair up.

I definitely want to put her in the dress and take a zillion photos for you. However, my little pipsqueak still fits into 18-24 months clothes best and is just starting to wear 2T, but it is still big. I am counting on August or September for a debut of the Dora dress. If I show it to her, she will pick it in a second because Dora is her favorite.

Thanks again and I will definitely send you and invite.

We are considering the name Jordan for our son--it will probably be the middle name.

Forever pals,
Carrie and Savannah

Susan said...

Hey Amy,

Thanks so much for stopping by and always leaving such sweet comments.

Glad you guys has a nice 4th dispite the weather.

Hey, I really like the idea of doing his birthday in July too. My hubby was born on December 24th, poor guy, he's never really got to really celebrate it right!


Faithful Froggers said...

Oh, Amy, I LOVE these pictures of Jonathan! He has grown so much . . . into such a very handsome little boy. I can't believe he is 18 months old now . . . I can't believe it was almost a year ago when I held him! :) Time sure does fly by!

I think it is a great idea to celebrate a half birthday!!! I agree totally - those December birthdays get cheated!

Do you recognize some of the dresses on Allie?? ;) I have so much fun dressing her everyday. This age is so FUN!

Hope you guys are having a great summer!!

Love & FROG . . .

Susan said...

Hey Amy,

Thanks so much for stopping by today!!

I love hearing from you.

Yes, I KNOW YOU ARE LOVING being a Grammy too.

I'm really excited about my first grandSON!!!

I'm really good at boys!! I'm going to dress him just like your grandson!! (He He...)

Feel free to take anything from my blog, it's all yours♥

Jennifer said...

Hi Amy!

The picture you asked about is of M when she was about a year old. That was the 1st time we took her out in the snow and she kept reaching out of the sled to grab handfuls of snow to eat!

Hoping to see some pictures of that beautiful boy of yours soon! I miss your posts!!


Carrie said...

Hi Amy,

I am behind on blog reading and slowly catching up.

Jonathan is such a cutie pie!

My parents always celebrated my 1/2 birthday--just a little something, but still recognized.

Thanks again for the A"DORA"ble dress. It looks great on her and fits perfectly. I got the best photos I could on a slow camera with a fast toddler. Ha ha!

Have a great day and I will be sending out the invites this week.

Hugs from Carrie and Savannah

Jennifer said...

Okay Amy...where are pictures of that gorgeous boy??? I bet he will look so big to me now that a couple of months have passed!

To answer your question...I LOOOOOVE to dress the girls alike and M doesn't mind it (she's only 4) but K is very opposed (being 7, I guess). She has boycotted dressing alike but every once in a while I can convince her to do it. I think I might actually make a blog post of pictures of them dressed alike!

Seriously - you need to post again! I miss seeing Jonathan's pictures!!!


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