Friday, October 31, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday..Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween to all of you!

It's pretty sad when a friend has to remind you on "Facebook" that you have not updated your blog. I need to do better ....that's all there is to it. Thanks Carrie!

Here is our baby boy that amazes us everyday. He LOVES Elmo and Barney, loves to follow Jordan everywhere he goes, loves to throw anything that reminds him of a ball, (such as pumpkins and rocks..Ugg!) has meltdowns like the world is coming to an end when he hears the word "NO", has shown us that he has a temper when things don't go his way and his taste for baby food is slowly becoming a thing of the past...on a more pleasant thought...he loves to be carried, loves when Jordan takes him for a stroller ride, tells me when he sees a bus or a big truck, did I mention that he absolutely loves Barney and Elmo? ...but most of all he LOVES when we cuddle at night and I give him his bottle. Yes my friends I still feed him his bottle at night and he falls asleep in my arms...I think I look forward to it more than he does. I think I have already told you that I know all to well that soon it will be a thing of the past so I am enjoying it until the very end...OH!..and one more thing he loves soooooooo very much is ME! I eat that up more than you know. If he hears my voice on the phone while I'm talking to Mommy, he cries, if we meet at a restaurant and Mommy does not let him come home with me, he cries real hard, if he only stops by for a short visit and Mommy carries him out to the car...his arms are reaching for me and he cries. Every time I think of him doing that, I smile with delight, because I again, know all to well it will be a thing of the past sooner than I would like. Needless to say, I tell him all the while he is crying that "Mommy is a "Meany". HEHEHE! Of course Mommy is not smiling at this time and is saying Grrrrrr! At those moments I remind her that my mother ( her Nanny) did that and was WORSE when she was this age. I can remember my mother letting her do EVERYTHING that we did not let her do at home. I remember feeling the same way...and little did I know that soon enough I would understand! :)

Love and Hugs.....and a very Happy Halloween to all of you!

Children's children are a crown to the aged, and parents are the
pride of their children.

Proverbs 17:6



Leslie said...

I know what happend to you woman!!! LOL

AWWWw i love these new pics of your boy!!!


Sarah said...

Awww... look how big he is getting! Precious as always!!!

Jayden said...

Amy..Been wondering where you have been. Jonathan is getting to look more like a little boy. Jayden keeps me on my toes allllllll day.
But he is soooooooo worth it! I know how much you treasure your little prince.
Have a awesome Halloween and be safe.

lov.. Eva...

Ruthie said...

Hi Amy! Welcome back to the blogging world. As busy mommas we can totally understand needed to step back from blogging to focus on the family. I sure enjoyed checking out your blog and I loved the pictures of your little guy. He is adorable and has the prettiest baby blue eyes! What a handsome cutie! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful and blessed weekend!


Amy S. said...

OMG! Ruthie,
I have checked your other website for what seems to be forever and wondered what happened to you. Then I decided to read it until something told me where you went. I clicked on this new site and here you are!
I just loved the other site so much, I could not understand where you went to for so long. I probably was not looking in the right place.( now that I went back...I realize it was not loading on the right page where the address of your new went.)..grrr!
Leave it to me....
Liliana has grown so much. I have enjoyed watching her grow. :)

Hope you had lots of fun on Halloween.

Love and Hugs...

Jennifer said...

Hi Amy!!

I was so glad to see some recent pictures of baby Jonathan! Handsome as ever! Did he love trick-or-treating???

Marianne said...

How adorable! Wondered where you have been! I just can't believe how big he is getting. Where does the time go. Thanks for sharing. Welcome Back.

Lilipie's Mommy said...


Thank you so much for your sweet message for FFF. I am so glad we were able to reconnect. Also, you are so sweet! You are my first blog follower! :) Thanks! Okay,on a totally different topic, I am tagging you! Please check out my blog for the details. Take care!


Tonya said...

You're so right, Amy, those baby stages won't last long.. and they'll be behind you. =-/

I can remember some of the sweet things our boys did when they were babies - man, I miss those days!

Oh, and I'm LOVING the new pictures of Jonathan.. he's just BEAUTIFUL!

Have a GREAT weekend...


boltefamily said...

What a sweetheart!

Tonya said...

Amy, that little guy gets more adorable each time I see him! He's just too cute!

Oh, and THANKS SO MUCH for the b'day wishes... I LOVE YOU! =-)

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